Parse date and time format in Laravel using Carbon library

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Carbon is an open source library inherited from PHP DateTime class. In order to use carbon library we need to import carbon namespace in our file. When we save date field in database and then use it to display then it comes in a very basic format like "2019-05-01 06:49:44", so in order to convert it in more interative and human readable formats we can take advantage of Carbon library which also happens to be inbuilt in laravel projects.

use Carbon\Carbon;

In php files we can use carbon library by importing its namespace like mentioned above. After which we can use any of its functions.

In order to instantiate carbon library we can use any or the below code.

$carbon = new Carbon();

$carbon = Carbon::now();                  

In order to use functions to obtain adjacent dates we can use below functions.

$today = Carbon::today();

$tomorrow = Carbon::tomorrow('Europe/London');       //With different timezone

$yesterday = Carbon::yesterday();

If we need to change the presentation of date format we can use below functions.

$date = Carbon::parse('2018-06-15 17:34:15.984512', 'UTC');
echo $date->isoFormat('MMMM Do YYYY, h:mm:ss a'); // June 15th 2018, 5:34:15 pm
echo "\n";
echo $date->isoFormat('dddd');           // Friday
echo "\n";
echo $date->isoFormat('MMM Do YY');      // Jun 15th 18
echo "\n";
echo $date->isoFormat('YYYY [escaped] YYYY'); // 2018 escaped 2018

We can also modify the parameters given to these functions in order to make it more flexible and take full advantage of it.

In order to use Carbon library in blade files we can use like below code.

{{ \Carbon\Carbon::parse($post->date)->isoFormat('MMM DD, YYYY') }}

Hope this post should give you enough idea to work with this library seamlessly.

For more information on this library you can also visit Carbon Library.


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